Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Jennifer Rose.  Include: Deep Listening Sessions & Private Meditation Mentoring. Via phone or electronic meeting room.  And Private Yoga classes.  Tailored specifically to your needs.  All 60 minutes.  Please read the cancellation and payment policies.  

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Private Session

Get ready to move your energy.  In this private Deep Listening Session, I tap directly into the Highest Energy of Love.  This energy is then more available for you to use to move you forward.  Up and out of stuck-ness.  These sessions are focused and precise.   Tuning into your energy while listening deeply for your individual and specific SoulScription.  Any private session with me helps you to gain clarity on your blocks and gives you step by step action plan to move you towards your desired outcome.  Book only if you are really ready to make magic happen.

Private Session With Jennifer Rose $120

Yoga (Asana) Classes - Local Only

Private Yoga classes (local area only).   I love teaching yoga at all levels.  But I especially love showing students how to move into postures with ease.  I rest heavily on the definition that "Yoga is an exploration". So I always take the approach, in these sessions, that if we have an open and friendly attitude we get more done.  Meaning, more movement happens, if we are not trying to push and force the body (and mind) into a certain shapes.  I guarantee that you will come out of these sessions feeling relaxed and gently energized.  Yep, it's possible.  Contact me directly via FB messenger or email to discuss venue.  [email protected]

Private Yoga Session $120

Private Meditation Mentoring

Can't stop thinking...right?   You got The Monkey Mind.  That means you can't meditation...right?  That's not how I see it.  Meditation is just spending time with yourself.  With an open and friendly attitude. 

In these sessions I show you how easy meditation can be.  And that with just a few simple techniques meditation is possible.  (even for the monkey minded)   Along with all of it's benefits.  

Meditation Mentoring Session $120

“It was life altering for me in the best way❗ [working with Jenifer Rose]. I am healed and continue to heal with the most amazing connection to Spirit, to Jesus, and to our Creator❗🙏" Lisa D.


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