Hi, Jennifer Rose here. I am so excited to be sharing with you the teachings that I have learned from my 25+ years as a Truth Student. Very early in my twenties, with a 12-step program, I had the experience of a spiritual awakening. I’ll never forget the Peace and certainly that I felt that day. It was like no other experience I had ever had. The profound impact of the awakening launched me on my path towards learning all that I could about spirituality, Christian Mysticism and teaching of the world’s Mystics. I know that we are all called. I know that we all desire to have a deep close relationship with our Higher Self. Some call it Soul. I call it Holy Spirit. Name it what you want. It is no matter. What does matter is that you answer The Call. Because I am here to tell you that you are 100% entitled to have a very real relationship with Divinity. That it is 100% you birth right to be in constant communication with the Universe. And this is what you are Called to do. In all my seeking, I now know one thing for sure: in order to have this open communication with Spirit it is imperative to cultivate a whole-hearted and loving relationship with yourself. In my answering The Call, I am so honored to be sharing the messages of Love through Cosmic Jesus (CJ), my teacher and guide. I run a closed Facebook group where I impart these deep and important teachings from CJ and A Course In Miracles. You are invited to answer the Universal Call and join the conversation. The Facebook group is where I share Universal Teachings of moving beyond fear and messages of Love designed to assist you in connecting with yourself, your Higher Power, Inner Spirit and Christ Consciousness. Click here to join: http://bit.ly/2DC5P33

I will assist you in moving beyond self doubt and fear.  Helping you move towards yourSelf with an open and friendly attitude.  Which leads naturally to an open connection Universal LOVE. 



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