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Hi Jennifer Rose here :)

Man, don't you hate it when you are trying to help all of those folks around you and you are left drained and have to go watch Netflix...for a week. I mean, you were just trying to help...right? I get it. It's like you wanna help but don't know how to w/o leaking all your energy. That's how it was for me. I was so invested in "doing good' that at the end of the day there was nothing left for me. My family suffered. Even the dog knew to hide in the corner when mama came home. Well here's the deal. I couldn't change any of that until I started helping myself. It's been a journey, that for sure. But that's how I know I can help others. Because I've been there and done that. I run a private FB group where we talk all about this. And I love, love, love sharing the teachings of A Course In Miracle. So let's connect. Either on FB or use the link below to reach out.

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